Douglas R. Dechow and his wife, Anna Leahy, write about aviation and spaceflight, science of the 20th century and beyond, and writing as a couple at Lofty Ambitions Blog.

Doug is the Science Librarian at Chapman University in Orange, California.

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Doug is the Curator of the Roger and Roberta Boisjoly Challenger Disaster Collection. He has worked with the university library's archivist to develop a collection of NASA artifacts and documents and a traveling exhibit and presentation based on this collection.

Doug and Anna completed a writing residencies at the Dorland Mountain Arts Colony and RagdaleIn 2010, Doug was awarded a scholarship to attend a week-long workshop at the Norman Mailer Center to work on his novel set during the Manhattan Project.

Doug and Anna have published in Air & Space Magazine and at Airplane Reading. They have a photo essay in Fifth Wednesdayand their photos and story of the end of the Space Shuttle program were picked up by the BBC HERE and HERE.

At the Association of Writers and Writing Programs Conference in 2012, Doug presented as part of the "Purloining the Letter," a panel with Diane Simmons, Rachel Hall, Louise Steinman, and Tyrone Williams in which writers examined the use of archival materials in creative projects.

At the Modern Languages Association Convention in 2011, Doug presented a paper about Chapman University's Freedom Without Walls, a month-long celebration of the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall that he co-directed in 2009. He and his co-authors published an article version in Teaching German.

Doug helped coordinate Intertwingled, a celebration of the work of Ted Nelson in 2014;  the YA80 Conference honoring the accomplishments of physicist Yakir Aharonov in 2012; and the week-long Einstein's Universe program in 2011, featuring physicist Brian Foster and violinist Jack Lieback. 

In January 2011, Doug led a GIS session at THATCamp SoCal. He was awarded a fellowship for THATCamp Victoria in 2011.